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The most medicinal plant in the world: sage

Sage is one of the most healing plants on the planet.

Its Latin name – Salvia officinalis – comes from the word salvare, which means to save or heal.

In the tombs of the pharaohs, this plant was the main ingredient of the embalming mixture.

The Greek physician Dioscorides used it to treat many diseases such as bleeding, fever, urinary stones and irregular menstruation.

At the time of Charlemagne sage was planted in every garden and was considered the most medicinal plant.

It was used to treat almost all diseases, which is why it received the status of a sacred plant.

Sage healing properties

Sage is certainly one of the plants that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.

It has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. It soothes, refreshes and invigorates, helps against pain and fever.

Sage is an excellent remedy for purifying the blood and removing mucus from the body. It strengthens the circulation, stimulates blood flow, counteracts bleeding and inflammation.

Studies have shown that sage can lower blood sugar levels, which makes it useful in diabetes.

Recently, sage has been shown to improve memory and act against Alzheimer’s disease.

Due to its strong antiseptic effect, it is used in the treatment of aphthae, bad breath, throat and tonsil problems, tooth decay and gum inflammation. If you have such problems, gargle with sage tea.

Sage is a wonderful plant that…

has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic effect

purifies the blood

relieves depression and stress

lowers the temperature and acts against pain

lowers the blood sugar level

helps with bleeding and inflammation

regulates the work of the intestine and stomach

helps with migraine and rheumatism

Sage is effective against frequent vomiting and diarrhea and supports intestinal and gastric work better than any other plant.

It has a positive effect on women’s complaints. It improves the tone of the vagina, has an antifungal effect, helps regulate menstruation, restores hormonal balance and prevents menopausal symptoms.

Sage supports kidney function and prevents edema.

This plant also has its place in cosmetics, so it is an excellent tool to darken hair and conceal gray hair.


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